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Tell the world why Baker Hostetler sucks!

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Docketing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Every day there is a threat to be fired."

Multiple Positions (Current Employee) says

"Bad office manager. Racist, petty and under qualified for the position. Laid off a lady they knew had cancer. As a result she lost her health insurance and without it she died. No regard for you as a person. Staff is replaceable in an instant."

Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Firm has great potential and many of the attorneys are terrific. However, management is less than desirable. Feel staff is a necessary evil almost, no support for staff. Don't care if you leave. No employee engagement, not certain HR knows what that means. It is too bad. Thought such a reputable place would treat people better. Cons: Management don't care about staff. Not attorneys that management, the staff management is a joke."

conflicts researcher (Former Employee) says

"This is not a recommended place to work, specially if you are in conflicts run for your life. These openings are usually in Cleveland, and now Denver and Columbus. There are better places to work in each city if you are in that field. Cons: poor staff management/abusive"

Conflicts Researcher (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the Conflicts department and if you need a paycheck, this is the perfect job, but if you want fair treatment, run away. If you have or are going to law school, you basically can do whatever you want and get treated better. Favoritism happens to the extreme here, meaning if you are liked you can get away with anything, but if you make the main manager mad, they'll stop talking to you and ignore, which is nice if you don't like talking, but if you care about your job this is bad. Also, after a year you get one day a month to work from home and people who have been there for a while got away with working from home for a week at a time or more. They'll teach you how to do your job, but five other people will tell you that you did it wrong and to do it a different way. Honestly, this department is completely managed wrong and that's why people have left and why they always have openings. Please beware, only apply if you need money asap and leave asap. Hope the management team leaves or changes, it sad how bad management will treat you compared to others. Also, the people who have been there for a while, are rude and will act like they are better than you. If you are looking for a conflicts job, other law firms have openings and will treat you better!"

Case Assistant/Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Paralegal / case assistant. Lack of work and unfriendly atmosphere. Attorney's don't like to talk to the underlings of the company. Pay is fair and good benefits. Cons: Unfriendly atmosphere"

Legal Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Recurring legal secretary opening in the health law department is due to a paralegal that gets all the secretaries fired. Her attitude and unprofessionalism is tolerated by her Partner and HR."

Associate Attorney (Current Employee) says

"The firm used to be great, but due to a number of changes at the firm, the Atlanta office has greatly suffered. Senior associates and partner treat those below them very poorly and try everything possible to find what they're doing wrong. Turnover rate is drastically increasing."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"This is not a good place to work if you are a working mother seeking a work/life balance. You are expected to churn out a ton of hours and you are still paid well below market. They excuse this by creating a "catch up" compensation system where you are required to work even more hours to get a "catch up" salary at the end of the year. Even with this additional salary, you are still paid well below market. This system is a big disadvantage for those attorneys who try to have a life outside the office because they don't even get the additional salary. End of year bonuses are stingy at best. Cons: Below market pay, long hours"

Case Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very Good Law Firm to work for. Co-workers friendly and helpful and work well together. At times extremely busy and other times searching for work to do. Management is very busy and at times hard to set up a meeting with them to review something. Hardest part of the job was when I first started, learning all the ways a law firm works, database programs, learning to keep track of time when working on projects and logging it down."

Senior Litigation Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"While technically in the bankruptcy department, the position is more in line with good/bad faith litigation dealing with SEC and other government agencies. While the case to which I am assigned is unique, it is does not allow me to apply my litigation, organizational or e-discovery skills. Cons: Lack of connection to staff; lack of litigation protocols"

Facilities Manager / Billing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"On a daily basis I ran billing reports for all of the attorneys in the firm. I also was a back up secretary. I would answer calls for the entire firm and direct as necessary. I also did facility management. I was responsible for coordinating outside vendors and collects bids to redesign partner offices as well as get all offices ready for summer associates."

Billing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time at Baker Hostetler. The individual co-workers I worked with directly were excellent at teamwork and support, and were good people. Baker treats the employees to fun perks and the pay is very competitive."

Document Review Attorney (Former Employee) says

"The case was complex and interesting. Baker's approach was clear and solid, which was clearly communicated to the document reviewers, so that we could make determinations of responsiveness and privilege."

Case Assistant & Legal Secretary (Former Employee) says

"My salary was based on 37.5 hours/week, however, I usually worked over and above that time. Sometimes I worked nights and weekends from home depending on the attorney's demands. The work was demanding and the attorney's retaliated against me when I stopped taking all the late night and weekend overtime hours as I started Graduate School, which they approved. I would work there again, but not for the same attorneys because I was treated so badly. The Firm is a good one, but the abuse from the attorneys can be too much at times. This my reason for going back into Technical Writing. Cons: Attorneys could be abusive most of the time"

CONTRACT ATTORNEY (Former Employee) says

"Intense and competitive work environment focused on achieving goals in a time crunch. great place to try out a high pace environment, learn new skills and meet dedicated attorneys and mentors."

Asbestos Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"A government agency that handled cases involving child support issues. Cons: Very low wages"

Human Resources Secretary/Intern (Former Employee) says

"Responsible for providing assistance to HR Managers and staff on site at offices located throughout the country."